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My new brush pack - Male torso base pack for procreate!

Male torso base pack for procreate consists of 22 unique brushes with difference body types. You can use these brushes for reference, or take as a base for your art!

Full Male torso base pack for procreate (22 brushes) -

FREE Male torso base pack for procreate (7 brushes) -

*Update on my situation in Ukraine*

Guys for me now a difficult situation. I lived in Odessa but I was lucky that I was on vacation during this period of time. I think you know about the situation in Ukraine, and if you doubt something, then I will tell you that all the terrible news that you will find is true. There is a real war in Ukraine, there are casualties among the civilian population, in large cities people almost live in the subway / cellars. I want to ask you to support not me, but my country!

This is the official bank account for the support of the Ukrainian army - UA84300001000000047330992708. This is IBAN. YOU CAN CHECK THIS ACCOUNT ON THE INTERNET IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME. Thank you very much for your attention! Peace to all!

All in one. Brush Pack for Procreate with 1000+ new brushes! Save 40$ and get all the brushes you need -

And, you can buy my biggest brush pack with 1000+ brushes with 20% discount! -

Please vote for this product, It's very important for me!

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Christmas brushset! -

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Window shadows for Procreate! -

Also, If you have any problems, write to me in direct ->

Have a nice day ;)

Procreate brushses by ~attki~ and crazy discounts!

Procreate brushses by ~attki~ and crazy discounts!

Procreate brushes by ~attki~ and JUNE SALES!

Procreate brushses by ~attki~ and crazy discounts!

Procreate brushses by ~attki~ and crazy discounts!

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