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My new brush pack - Anime medical brushset for procreate!

This brushset consist of 28 brushes. Perfect for an addition project or a medical one, this set offers a variety of pills, pill bottle, syringes from different angles, adhesive tape. There is a nice mix of pill types and looks, while also providing various positions and spreads of the pills.

Full Anime medical brushset for procreate!(28 brushes)

FREE Anime medical brushset for procreate!(6 brushes)

All in one. Brush Pack for Procreate with 1000+ new brushes! Save 50$ and get all the brushes you need - *BUY WITH $10 DISCOUNT*

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Also, If you have any problems, write to me in direct ->

Have a nice day ;)

Anime medical brushset for procreate!

Procreate brushses by ~attki~ and crazy discounts!

Procreate brushses by ~attki~ and crazy discounts!

Procreate brushes by ~attki~ and JUNE SALES!

Procreate brushses by ~attki~ and crazy discounts!

Procreate brushses by ~attki~ and crazy discounts!

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