New Brushses by ~attki~!

Good day!

My new brush pack - Anime skirt brush pack for procreate!

Anime skirt brush pack for procreate consists of 39 uniqe brushes. You can use these brushes for reference, or transport any skirt under your drawing! Also, there are a lot of different textures for them!

As a bonus, I added 6 textures for the tights.

With these brushes, you can easily draw a skirt for your work in no time!

  • 13 texture brushes for skirt
  • 20 skirt stamps
  • 6 texture for tights

Download a full version with 39 brushes -

Try to free version of this pack with 9 brushes -

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Also, If you have any problems, write to me in direct ->

Thank you all for your support! Any download motivates me and convinces me that I am not doing it in vain!

Have a nice day ;)

Anime skirt brush pack for procreate!