Procreate pupils brush pack for anime & manga

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Introducing the Procreate Pupils Brush Pack for anime and manga! This awesome brushset will help you bring to life the coolest and most unique eye pairs 👀

Inside this pack, you'll find everything you need to make your own art masterpieces. The real kicker of this pack? It lets you customize the heck out of those pupils and overall eye look.

Here's what's in the brush set:

  • 18 different pupils to give your eyes some serious personality.
  • 13 glow options to make your eyes pop and look mysterious.
  • 7 lighting choices for a lively and dynamic effect.
  • 3 shadow variations to add depth and realism to your art.
  • Plus, 10 eye shape brushes to really customize those eyes

With the Procreate Pupils Brush Pack, you can easily turn your brightest and most creative ideas into reality!

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You'll get 51 unique eye brushes for procreate!

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Procreate pupils brush pack for anime & manga

1 rating
I want this!